Scheduled Downtime!
Something BIG is happening and we can't wait to share the news. On Monday, August 17th, 2020, we will publish a significant update to genARate studio.

The downside: that means genARate studio will be down until Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.
The upside: you can expect a lot of exciting things. Scroll down to learn more.
Upcoming Features
We are constantly improving genARate studio and its mobile apps. You can expect the following new features in our August 2020 release.
Better Recognition
The quality and speed of our cloud recognition got even better. You can expect much lower time until a target is recognized.
Improved Analytics
The long-awaited update on reporting is there. Dive into enhanced reports, get detailed feedback on interactions for each project, and WonderPage.
New page type
We are introducing a completely new concept to genARate studio. Be prepared to present AR to your users in an entirely new way.
Improved 3D capabilities
Use genARate to place your product or any 3D model in your room.
New user management
It might be a small step for you, but it's a giant leap for us. We have completely rewritten the whole user and rights management. This gives us now way more possibilities to better serve your needs.
Nobody is perfect - neither are we! We fixed a lot of bigger and smaller bugs and increased the overall stability of the genARate studio and the mobile apps.